Tom Walsh


Lauded as one of Canada‘s most creative musicians, Tom Walsh’s music blends memorable melody with fearless experimentation. As a trombonist he has worked with such popular acts as the Barenaked Ladies, Cowboy Junkies, MC Solaar, Bran Van 3000 and even Zappa’s Don Preston as well as improvising with Jean Derome, René Lussier, D.D. Jackson, Fred Frith and Evan Lurie. 
On record, he’s featured on more than 50 national or international releases.

Since 2002, he’s been nominated three times as “Trombonist of the Year” for Canada’s National Jazz Award. As composer, Tom’s work includes the: 
Voices of Mary Margaret O’Hara, Kimberly Barber or David Cronenberg; Poetry of Michael Ondaatje, Adeena Karasick or Todd Swift; Dance of José Navas, Andrew Harwood or Estelle Clareton; Theatre of Daniel MacIvor or Don McKellar; and New Media of Don Ritter (Digital Interactive) & Marcelle Hudon (Performance Art/Marionette).